SL Barefoot

"When you walk with naked feet,

how can you ever forget the Earth?"

~ Carl Jung



"The sole (or plantar surface) of the foot is richly covered with some 1,300 nerve endings per square inch. That's more than found on any other part of the body of comparable size. Why are so many nerve endings concentrated there? To keep us 'in touch' with the Earth. The real physical world around us. It's called 'sensory response'. The foot is the vital link between the person and the Earth. The paws of all animals are equally rich in nerve endings. The Earth is covered with an electromagnetic layer. It's this that creates the sensory response in our feet and the paws of animals. Try walking barefoot on the ground for a couple of minutes. Every living thing, including human beings, draws energy from this field through its feet, paws, or roots."
~ Dr. Rossi

Sleeping Lions go barefoot because it feels good, keeps us connected with our Earthly roots and teaches how to walk lightly on the Earth.