Through Refugee Eyes

Through Refugee Eyes

Abdulazez Dukhan

"When I see people I don't know I look at them and smile, then I say hi.
Sometimes they respond and sometimes they don't, but I don't feel bad if they don't respond, because at least I tried to break the walls between us.

Fear between refugees and citizens is one of the biggest troubles we face today, we should always try to break the walls of fear and the unknown. We shouldn't judge all because of some.

What happens is that refugees wait for citizens to say welcome. 
Citizens wait for refugees to say hi.

And fear still exists because we are both waiting.

Whoever you are...

If you are a refugee go and say hi
If you are a citizen go and say welcome
Break those walls of fear, spread love."

Moving exhibition today organised by People Not Borders

Abdulazez is a self-taught Syrian photographer living in refugee camp in Greece. He offers his photography free of charge to exhibitions in rder to raise awareness of the refugee crisis. He is 19.
More of Abdulazez's artwork here
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