SL Food Platform


The aim of the Sleeping Lions Food Platform is to improve food resilience within local community, reduce plastic waste and promote a plant-based diet.

We believe that modern food production and mass consumption habits are things of the past, and that it is time for all - consumers, farmers and producers - to make different, sometimes revolutionary, choices. 

The Sleeping Lions Food Platform is a place where farmers, producers and the local community can meet and interact in a whole new way. It is not a shop in a conventional sense. It is a network of people intending to change the way food is grown, processed, packaged and distributed at a local level by starting with their own food related choices and then taking further action to transform the local food system. This often means going far beyond current convention and norms. 

Farmers are encouraged to cooperate by growing crops with a local market in mind, and to do so in an organic, sustainable and compassionate way which will foster the health of the local community and the environment.

Producers are challenged to look into where their ingredients come from, how they manage their waste and the way they package, market and deliver their products.

The local community is offered a choice of products which are, as much as possible, organic, plant-based, locally sourced and without plastic packaging. 

Local shop owners will be offered help and access to the same range of products. Talks, classes and workshops will be organised on food and farming focused topics and the local SL Food Platform will facilitate community involvement at local farms.

With a bit of awareness, commitment and initiative we can break free from big brands, multinational corporations and supermarkets and create a healthier and more sustainable future in which we honour and nurture all life on Earth so it can flourish and benefit us in return.

Be ready for real food revolution! Be prepared to contribute and get involved!