Towards NeoCulture

"Social change is a million individual acts of kindness. Cultural change is a million subversive acts of resistance."

~ Mary Pipher


Sleeping Lions Toolkit  

  • Morning gathering for everyday celebration and appreciation of Life, renewal of our commitment to making a difference, blessings - head to SL Care Room in The Cave
  • Wholehearted acts of kindness
  • Peaceful acts of resistance
  • Sharing individual actions and joys on the Wall of Pride
  • Mindful work on the language we speak and stories we tell ourselves and one another
  • Smile :)

Morning gathering is at the heart of Sleeping Lions community. It helps us feel connected, empowered and hopeful throughout the day. It is a good moment to imagine the world we want to live in, express gratitude, practice loving kindness and master the art of blessing.

Now we roll up our sleeves and go change the world!

One act of kindness, one act of resistance at a time.

This is what we do:

  • choose plant-based diet
  • ditch single-use plastic
  • clean up our area
  • plant trees
  • care for our water
  • grow our food, organic way
  • declutter
  • make our own
  • mend and repair
  • gift and share
  • teach our children
  • buy pre-loved
  • pedal or walk our way forward
  • go foraging
  • adopt animals, say no to breeders and pet shops
  • dare to be imperfect and goofy
  • show up and be seen
  • walk barefoot
  • pick flowers
  • hug trees
  • make love, not war
  • play, sing and dance
  • create passionately
  • go an extra mile to make someone smile 😊
  • celebrate Love, Earth and Appreciation Day - every day
  • spread the message and invite our friends
  • smile and the whole world smiles with us :)))

Let the fun begin!


A note on language:

By mindfully observing our language, we notice how much it tells us about our thoughts, attitudes, perceptions and beliefs. Whenever we are expressing our opinions, ideas or feelings, we are aware that they are all very relative and we try to represent it in the way we speak. We also realize how the slightest differences in the way we define and use individual words can be the source of misunderstandings between us. We like to play with our language and change the way we speak. We often express our appreciation, thank people for what they have done for us, tell other beans - human and not so human at all -  how beautiful they are, how much we love them. We try to bring back and master the art of blessing. We are not afraid of saying "sorry". We are working hard on eliminating blame rethoric from our speach. At the end of the day, at the end of the week, at the end of the year we want to be able to say that we contributed more than we criticized.