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World Meat-Free Week recently produced a documentary film series called “Protectors of the Planet” that features a handful of individuals from around the world who are each doing their part to help save animals and the planet.

Two of these “protectors of the planet” featured in the film series are Renee and Tommy Sonnen of Houston, Texas. Tommy was once a cattle rancher who routinely sold off calves as Renee spoke out against it. Renee eventually transitioned to a compassionate vegan lifestyle, continuing to pressure her husband to get out of the cattle industry. And after six years of standing up for the cows and even threatening that she would buy back all of the calves Tommy was selling, he finally agreed to stop profiting off of animal agriculture. Instead, the couple transformed the ranch into a beautiful farm animal sanctuary where animals stay for the entirety of their lives. Talk about a happily ever after!

Go to One Green Planet to read full article and watch the VIDEO

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