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As a volunteer emergency medical worker, she said she wanted to prove that women had a role to play in the conservative Palestinian society of Gaza.

“Being a medic is not only a job for a man,” Razan al-Najjar, 20, said in an interview at a Gaza protest camp last month. “It’s for women, too.”

An hour before dusk on Friday, the 10th week of the Palestinian protest campaign, she ran forward to aid a demonstrator for the last time.

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Message from Avaaz:

"Dear friends across the UK, 

This is Razan Najjar. She was a medic in a white jacket treating the wounded on the Gaza border, when Israeli soldiers shot her dead in the chest. She was just 21 years old. 

Razan’s story is heartbreaking, but it’s also outrageous that Israel is getting away with cold blooded murder. The UK should be condemning Israel for these war crimes and threatening sanctions at the least -- instead Theresa May is welcoming Prime Minister Netanyahu in London today! 

Avaaz designed the full-page ad below to make sure May hears our call, but the editor of The Telegraph refused to publish it at the very last minute, claiming it’s “strongly adverse” against their mission statement. 

But our power is in our numbers, and if we each share the ad now, we can reach more people than the Telegraph ever could! It takes a few seconds and will make sure our call for sanctions is heard loud and clear across the UK: 



Last week Avaaz organized a powerful installation outside the EU Foreign Ministers' meeting in Brussels, we plastered politico's front page with advertisements, we’re running opinion polls, and we're ramping up advocacy and media everywhere it matters. Our community won't stop until the day Palestine is free. 

With hope and determination, 

Rewan, Andrew, Emma, Fatima, and the whole Avaaz team 

More information: 

A Woman Dedicated to Saving Lives Loses Hers in Gaza Violence (The New York Times) 

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu flies to Europe to lobby May, Macron and Merkel against Iran nuclear deal (The Independent)


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